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Removal of online sexual images - with help from Childline and the YOTI app

The goal of the Family Rights Group is to enable children to be raised safely and thrive within their family and community. The charity works with parents whose children are in need, at risk or are in the care system and with members of the wider family who are raising children unable to remain at home. As part of a wide-range of resources, the gro...
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I am a family member / friend / concerned neighbour

You can take part in National Safeguarding Adults Week which runs from 18-24 November 2019.

Download and print your Safeguarding Adults Week Poster

Click here to visit Ann Craft trust and download resources

Each day of the week will focus on a different safeguarding theme.

To help you prepare for the event, a number of resources have been prepared to support each theme.

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Honour-Based violence

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Safeguarding Children involved in performances

Wolverhampton Safeguarding Together have published two Learning Lessons Briefings into the deaths of Adult Z and JIM​, neither death met the criteria for a Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) but it was clear that lessons could be learnt from both deaths.

Click here and scroll down to the Non-statutory reviews section.

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Free online CPD CSA/CSE Course (DoH/Children's Society)

 Free Online CPD about child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation (DoH/Children's Society)The Department of Health and The Children's Society have a free one hour online CPD course about CSA and CSE. Free registration is needed to start the course, : https://learning.seenandheard.org.uk/
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More safeguarding children referrals from GPs

This conference will focus on the learning from recent Serious Case Reviews, Domestic Homicide Reviews and Safeguarding Adults Reviews.

It is open to frontline staff and managers who work in Wolverhampton with:
  • children / young people
  • adults with care and support needs
  • parents / carers
  • victims of domestic abuse in Wolverhampton.
Places are limited to 100, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Closing date for bookings is Thurs 7th November.
Click here to book your place
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Working Together 2015 updated Feb 17 - new definition of CSE

LGfL has released a series of videos featuring a recently retired London police officer, Peter Wilson.

 The 14 videos help people understand the nature of County Lines including: 

  • What is county lines?
  • Why is it vital that ALL school support staff attend county lines training?
  • Why are even 8-10 year olds at risk?
  • My borough doesn't have much crime and there aren't any gangs
  • Top tips for parents
  • Could county lines be more widespread than we realise?

You can find the videos here: https://www.lgfl.net/digisafe/countylines

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Ofsted Inspection - Report March 2017

Keeping children safe in education: update taken from the NSPCC Safeguarding in Education e-bulletin 

Source: Department for Education

Date: 01 October 2019

The Department for Education (DfE) has updated the statutory guidance Keeping children safe in education for England. The updates relate to paragraphs 164 and 165 on schools' and colleges' legal duty to refer to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) anyone who has harmed, or poses a risk of harm, to a child or vulnerable adult. NSPCC Learning has updated its Caspar briefing summarising the new changes.

Read the news story: Statutory guidance: keeping children safe in education
Read the guidance: Keeping children safe in education: statutory guidance for schools and colleges (PDF)

See also on NSPCC Learning

> Keeping children safe in education (KCSIE) 2019: key changes from 2018

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Wolverhampton United Against Dementia Event

Domestic Violence: Risk Assessment, MARAC, Safety Planning and Support:


A 3 hour session – after the session professionals will be able to:

  • Have an increased understanding of what Domestic Violence is
  • Recognise the signs of Domestic Violence
  • Understand some of the barriers, how to 'ask the question' and deal with a disclosure
  • Use the DASH risk checklist to identify a victim's level of risk
  • Understand MARAC and how the process works
  • Be able to refer a victim to specialist Domestic Violence services

Coercive Control and Domestic Abuse:

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The New Ofsted Inspection Framework and bullying.

The Education Inspection Framework sets out how Ofsted will inspect state schools, further education and skills providers, non-association independent schools and registered early years settings in England. Preventing and responding appropriately to bullying is a key component of school inspections. After consultation, Ofsted have launched the...
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Children who go missing

The Serous Case Review for Child N is published today.

Click here for a press statement to accompany today's publication.

Click here for the report from the Serious Case Review (or download from the image below).

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Helping adults respond to children disclosing abuse NSPCC

Helping adults respond to children disclosing abuse - includes a useful video, poster and briefing for anyone working with children.  learning.nspcc.org.uk/research-resources/2019/let-children-know-you-re-listening We've created a poster to help professionals remember these skills and embed them in their practice. It's free to download so you ...
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Adult Safeguarding posters to download

Wolverhampton's Safeguarding Children and Adults Boards wish to understand the impact and reach of their work and are conducting a survey with frontline workers and managers.

The aim of this survey is to identify any improvements which will support paid and volunteer staff to fulfil their safeguarding responsibilities for adults with care and support needs, and / or for children and young people.

It would be very much appreciated if you could spare a few minutes to complete this Workforce Survey and circulate to everyone who works for your organisation (paid or voluntary) asking them to complete it too.

Thank you for your time in completing this survey. 

WSB welcomes any feedback in relation to the survey which you can send to:
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Dear Colleague

The City of Wolverhampton are working on a youth strategy and wish to focus on three areas for children and young people: Being Healthy, Being Connected and Being Aspirational.

We have organised a stakeholder event for your chance to tell us what your experience of supporting children and young people in Wolverhampton is like. The event is free for stakeholders to attend and to offer their views. The event will be held on Monday 23rd September at 1pm at the Workspace in Wolverhampton.

You must register to attend the event on Eventbrite via this link https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/growing-up-in-wolverhampton-stakeholder-event-tickets-70887322891

For further information, please contact Shanara Abdin on 01902 551350 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Policy and procedures

This is a continuing professional development opportunity for managers and frontline practitioners. It aims to promote the lessons learned from serious and fatal fires, for the benefit of the citizens you work with.
As a reflective event this will focus on:

• Serious incident data

 • Case studies 

• Safe and Well referral mechanisms 

• New online learning opportunities

Booking is via Eventbrite, the password required is 'SafeandWell' 

There is the option of attending either morning or afternoon on each day: (AM 1000-1230 and PM 1400 – 1630)
Wolverhampton 16th September 2019

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Report Abuse

Our thematic briefings highlight the learning from case reviews that are conducted when a child dies or is seriously injured and abuse or neglect are suspected.

Each briefing focuses on a different topic, pulling together key risk factors and practice recommendations to help practitioners understand and act upon the learning from case reviews.

Download the learning from case review briefings 


Types of abuse

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Lunch and Learn sessions - learning from the death of Child G

A loan shark is someone who lends money, they rarely give any paperwork and if repayments are missed they often use violence and intimidation to get their money back. Faced with this problem would you or your staff know what to do? A national, dedicated team is cracking down on loan sharks and we'd like to tell you more. The free training will give...
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Chairpersons Blog Title Here 3

A number of new dates for courses have recently been added to the training calendar. In addition many of the courses already planned have spaces available, including Safeguarding Children and Young People from Sexual Exploitation, Contributing to Multi-agency Case Conferences ,  No Recourse to Public Funds and Safer Recruitment.

A reminder to those who are Designated Safeguarding Leads in their organisation that they are expected to update their safeguarding training every 2 years by attending Core Working Together Refresher half day course. Four sessions are available between September and November and more will take place in the new year.

We operate a waiting list for all our courses and once we reach 8/10 people on a waiting list we book another date, please make use of this option as it helps us ensure the right number of places/course are available.

Charges are made for non-attendance or late cancellation of courses, the charge is £30 and details are in the Terms and Conditions of booking for courses. 

For private sector organisations, and organisations not based in the city, or not providing services or support to Wolverhampton residents, there will be a £50 non-refundable charge per attendee for each course.

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New Adverse Childhood Experiences - free online training

The West Midlands Violence Prevention Alliance (funded by the West Midlands PCC) has developed an e-learning course around Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Anyone can access and complete the course, so please share with your teams/contacts and do it yourself - it only can be found at the following web address: https://www.acesonlinelearning.co...
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Private Fostering

1. Gaming: what parents and carers need to know Many children will be spending time gaming online over the summer holidays. This article explores the different elements of gaming with a particular focus on how it can be used by offenders, but focusing on what parents can do to support their child while gaming.
2. Sharing pictures of your child online Lots of parents love sharing photos of their children with friends and family, particularly when they are on holiday or starting the new school year. A recent report found that 42% of young people reported that their parents had done this without asking their permission. Our article helps parents to protect their child while staying social.
3. Keeping your under 5s safe online Whether it's watching videos, playing games on their devices or talking to Alexa - today's under 5s are spending more time online. In this article we look at the benefits of children accessing the internet, and share advice about how parents can make sure their child has a safe experience online.
4. Live streaming: responding to the risks Many children enjoy live streaming as it can be used to showcase talent, develop communication skills and create identity. Our article helps parents to understand why children love it, what the risks can be, and how they can help their child stay safe if they are live streaming.
5. Using parental controls Parental controls are a great tool for helping to protect children but should not replace open and honest conversations with children about their life online. Share these tips on how to use parental controls effectively.
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