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AboutYouth - find out what is out there for young people to do. Places can be booked on specific activities.


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16 June 2017
Latest News
 Mermaids - This factsheet is for professional people who are supporting a young person who may...
12 June 2017
Latest News
Wolverhampton Safeguarding Service are keen to work closely with Hoteliers in the City to reduce th...
08 June 2017
Latest News
The Trust was created following the murder of 20-year-old Hollie Gazzard in 2014 by an ex-partner. H...
11 May 2017
Latest News
Following a 4 week visit to Wolverhampton, Ofsted Inspectors found the Council's Children's Services...
10 May 2017
Latest News
Wolverhampton has a range of new Adult Safeguarding posters to help you raise awareness of...

Chairperson’s Blog

More safeguarding children referrals from GPs

Wolverhampton GPs are making more safeguarding children referrals. It may sound strange, but this is good news.

Allegations of abuse in fooball

Recent media coverage has highlighted abuse that has taken place, and that is alleged to have taken place, in football clubs across the country.

Tragic death of two year old in Wolverhampton

WSCB outlines its role to learn lessons from the recent tragic death of a 2 year old from Wednesfield.

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