With the introduction of the Care Act (2014), Making Safeguarding Personal principles drove the agenda for person centred safeguarding intervention.

“A personal safety plan is a way that someone who is experiencing domestic violence can protect themselves and their children. It can help them think how to increase their safety either within the relationship or if they decide to leave.”

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What is 'Safeguarding Adults'? All organisations in Wolverhampton are committed to preventing the abuse or neglect of adults (particularly those in need of care and support) and promoting their well-being. This is known as 'Adult Safeguarding'.

How is this co-ordinated? - A partnership of organisations called Wolverhampton Safeguarding Adults Board works closely together to make sure that adults with care and support needs are teated fairly, able to protect themselves, and / or be protected from abuse and neglect.

How do we work? - All organisations work to the same values, principles, policy and procedures (shared by all areas in the West Midlands) including promoting the well-being of adults with care and support needs; putting service-users at the centre of all adult safeguarding processes; and making services personal to each individual. These principles are also the ones that underpin the Care Act 2014.

How are the people being helped involved in decision-making? Organisations and their staff will listen carefully to, and take full account of the views wishes, feelings and beliefs of the people they are helping before deciding on any action.

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