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Key to our approach to supporting children and young people in Wolverhampton is a commitment to early help through a range of evidence based interventions. Early Help is a collaborative approach not a service and should not be confused with the Council's Early Intervention Service. Early Help and our Think Family approach go hand-in-hand.

Thresholds of Need and Support in Wolverhampton

This sets out the role and processes around universal support, single-agency Early Help, multi-agency Early Help, and support from specialist services. It also gives indications of the level of need that can be managed by each level of support.

The Thresholds document encourages conversations between practitioners both within their agency, amongst colleagues in Teams Around the Family (TAF), and with colleagues from agencies offering different levels of support.

Anyone who is unsure of how best to manage the risks and support for a family should phone the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on  01902 555392

Thresholds Windscreen (page 7 in the revised Threshold documents)

Supporting Families Pathway (page 25 in the revised Thresholds document)



Is the online Early Help Assessment tool,  It enables an assessment of the whole family to be recorded with the family's consent.

If you would like to receive training , you should talk to your manager. Managers can request access for a member of staff using the Eclipse New User Access Form depending on the role they have in the organisation and in supporting children / young people or families. If you experience any difficulties using Eclipse, please email : SCS@wolverhampton.gov.uk  or call 01902 558000 and select option 1.

In order to streamline the referral process for safeguarding and Early Help triage at the MASH front door, we now use an online MARF.

Involvement of Community Health Services

To find out if Universal Community Health Services (Health Visitors / Midwives / School Nurses) are supporting a particular child / young person / family contact the relevant service using the contact details on the relevant Wolverhampton Information Network page see below:

Wolverhampton Information Network 

Is an online resource that helps workers and members of the public to find out what support is available in Wolverhampton. See http://win.wolverhampton.gov.uk to view this invaluable directory of help and support.

If your organisation or service would like its own entry on WIN, first search WIN to make sure there isn't one already. If there isn't one go to https://search3.openobjects.com/kb5/wolverhampton/directory/register.page to register for an account. 

If there is already a page for your organisation ./ service but you can't remember the log in details or process, or if you have any difficulties registering for a WIN account, contact Kuldip Khela email: kuldip.khela@wolverhampton.gov.uk or tel: 01902 553413.

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