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What is Self Harm?

There are many different ways in which young people self-harm, but all forms of self-harm are used as a way of managing difficult or distressing feelings or experiences. Self-harm can be a way of coping for lots of different people in society – young or old, so its not just young people who self-harm.

If you are struggling with difficult thoughts, feelings or experiences and using self-harm as a way of dealing with them, there is a strong possibility that you are not the only one in your class or circle of friends.

Self-harm is way of coping with difficult and distressing feelings.  It can include anything that you do that causes you an injury or harms you in some way.  Sometimes it might be called self-injury.


Common sorts of self-harm include:

  • Cutting yourself
  • Burning yourself 
  • Taking overdoses of tablets (this can be prescribed medication, over the counter medication or illegal drugs) 
  • Anything that causes you to be harmed or placed in danger in some way 

Other examples might include:

  • Using food to deal with feelings,
  • Not allowing yourself fun-time or friends 
  • Working so hard you don’t go to bed  
  • Putting yourself in risky or dangerous situations 
  • Banging your head against a wall 
  • Breaking your own bones 
  • Throwing yourself down the stairs 
  • Pulling your hair out 

For confidential help and advice call HopeLineUK 0800 068 41 41

This helpline is run by Papyrus, a national charity set up to prevent suicide amongst young people and young adults

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