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Working Together 2018 requires Child Death Review Partners (CCG and Local Authority) to make arrangements to carry out child death reviews.

New arrangements have now been published and will take effect from 30 June 2019.

Click here for the new arrangements.

As you are aware, new arrangements for Child Death Reviews became live on the 30th September 2019. As per the Black Country arrangements agreed by Child Death Review partners:

  • The Black Country CDOP administrator will then contact the respective hospital/agency to ensure that form B’s are sent to the correct people
  • The Black Country CDOP administrator will then send out form B’s
  • These forms will then be consolidated in preparation for the CDRM – please inform jaki.bateman@wolverhampton.gov.uk when CDRM’s are planned to take place and what cases will be presented at these meetings
  • Hospitals will be expected to carry out Child Death Review Meetings (CDRM’s), initially with support from myself as required
  • Joint Agency Response/unexpected deaths will be the responsibility of the Hospitals/Lead health professionals, including arranging any meetings, again with support initially from myself where needed
  • All deaths as of 30.09.19 will be numbered by their eCDOP case number, preceded by the LA initial where the child is normally resident i.e. S (Sandwell); D (Dudley); WV (Wolverhampton); WS (Walsall).  For example, S111
  • Deaths will still be reviewed by North and South CDOP’s
  • The exception to this will be neonatal deaths, where any neonatal deaths from 30.09.19 will be reviewed at a joint panel in February – details to be confirmed
  • The Black Country Strategic Partnership will be meeting in November/December and they will be addressing the Strategic arrangements across the Black Country.

Processes are illustrated as per the flow chart attached for expected deaths. JAR processes should be followed for unexpected deaths.

Click here to see the flow chart

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