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Neglect of children and young people is one of the most difficult areas in child care and child protection to identify, communicate effectively to professionals, assess and intervene in. It is now emerging as the most often recorded in official safeguarding data in all ages of children and is the most prevalent form of maltreatment young people experience according to research.

However, this has not always been the case, which is concerning given that it is more harmful than many other forms.


‘The persistent failure to meet a child’s basic physical and/or psychological needs, likely to result in the serious impairment of the child’s health or development. Neglect may occur during pregnancy, as a result of maternal substance abuse. Once a child is born, neglect may involve a parent or carer failing to:

• Provide adequate food, clothing and shelter (including exclusion from home or abandonment)

• Protect a child from physical and emotional harm or danger

• Ensure adequate supervision (including the use of inadequate care givers); or

• Ensure access to appropriate medical care or treatment.

• It may also include neglect of, or unresponsiveness to, a child’s basic emotional needs’

Wolverhampton has developed the Neglect Toolkit (WeCAN) to assist your assessment of whether neglect is present in a child or young persons life. Please ensure that you are using this in your practice if you have concerns and that it is included with the completed Multi-Agency Referral form (MARF) that is sent to the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH).


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Download the Neglect Strategy here
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Click here to download the word version of the Neglect Toolkit (WeCAN)
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Working with neglect in Wolverhampton
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