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WSCB Policies and Procedures

Wolverhampton has now adopted the NEW West Midlands Regional Safeguarding Children procedures.

These cover:

  • ​Statutory Child Protection Procedures - which would be the same wherever you are in England (Level A procedures)
  • Regional Safeguarding Guidance - which apply across the whole of the West Midlands area (Level B procedures)
  • Local Area Specific Safeguarding Information and Procedures - developed in Wolverhampton, and containing local contacts, processes and structures (Level C procedures)

To access the NEW Safeguarding Children procedures:

  1. firstly, click on the image below or copy http://westmidlands.procedures.org.uk into your browser address bar
  2. next  click on 'Wolverhampton' in the drop down list under the left hand menu -  this makes sure you are shown Wolverhampton's local (Level C) procedures
  3. finally, click on 'contents' in either the top menu bar or the side menu

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