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Put simply, modern slavery or human trafficking is the movement of a person from one place to another (this could be country to country, town to town, or even as simple as one room in a building to another) into conditions of exploitation, using deception, coercion, abuse of power or the abuse of the person’s vulnerability. Even if a victim consents and is willing to be moved, trafficking could still be taking place.

It involves either the threat of harm or actual harm to the person themselves or their family.

It affects:

  • both women / girls and men / boys
  • UK nationals
  • people trafficked from overseas

It includes forced labour, domestic servitude and human trafficking, debt bondage (or bonded labour), descent-based slavery, child slavery and forced or early marriage. See https://www.antislavery.org/slavery-today/modern-slavery/ for more information.

We all need to keep our eyes open for signs of modern slavery and act when we are concerned.

Online Anti -Slavery Partnership toolkit

Click here to view Gov.uk:National referral mechanism guidance: Adult (England and Wales)

 To find out more or to get help

Click here for leaflets outlining the support for victims of Modern Slavery - available in 11 languages

Click here for a handy pocket guide to Modern Slavery from the RCN it has been produced for nurses and midwives, but it is a useful guide for anyone working with people.

Phone the Modern Slavery Helpline 0800 0121 700 or visit modernslavery.co.uk


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