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Children and young people who are exposed to gangs, gang-related activity and youth violence - whether through their family, their peers, the area they live in, or the internet and social media - are potentially at risk of significant harm. Any staff member who is aware of that a child / young person is exposed to such risks should initiate a suitable multi-agency response that maximises opportunities for engagement with support services and reduces the likelihood of harm.

Information for parents - Advice for Parents and Carers on Gangs

County lines is a national issue, which involves the use of dedicated phone 'lines', usually mobile phones to facilitate drug dealing to locations outside of the group or gangs home town, usually to smaller towns and rural locations

In almost all cases the enterprise will involve and rely on the exploitation of vulnerable people, to move drugs and/or money around the country. This can involve both children and adults who may require safeguarding.

Practitioners working with a child or vulnerable person who they think may be  vulnerable to or involved in county lines exploitation should contact the MASH and report their concerns.

You can contact the MASH on 01902 555392 (child) or 01902 551199 (adult).

If you believe there is in immediate risk of harm, you should contact the police 999.

Guidance  - Preventing youth violence and gang involvement: Practical advice for schools and colleges

Home Office Guidance - Criminal exploitation of children and vulnerable adults: county lines


Wolverhampton's Preventing Gang and Youth Violence Strategy - our city has a Gang and Youth Violence Steering Group which reports to the Safer Wolverhampton Partnership Click on the link to see Wolverhampton's 'Preventing Gang Involvement and Youth Violence Strategy 2016-19', one of SWP's main priorities until 2019.


Voluntary and community organisations - play an important role in reducing the harm caused by gang-related activity. They do this by engaging with and supporting young people at risk, and working in partnership with statutory services such as the Youth Offending Team, Children's Services and the Police. The services they offer, where funding is in place to enable this, is as follows:

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