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Getting sucked into extremist activity

Social media, the news and websites are all places where young people can be exposed to information about radical groups and terrorism. You may look out of curiosity, or because you want to find out the truth behind the news stories. But there are online radical and terrorist groups which want to recruit young people to their cause.

They use the same techniques as other online abusers. They:

  • Lie and tell you not to trust anyone else
  • Try and separate you from friends and family
  • Make promises and tell you are special and unique

Anyone is potentially vulnerable to becoming radicalised. You need to know how to protect yourself and your friends.

Extremism, radicalisation and terrorism come sin many shapes and sizes and includes:

  • Animal Rights extremism
  • Environmetal extremism
  • Religious extremism
  • Right wing extremism

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A serious problem?

Young people who become radicalised suffer many bad effects. Their school and work can suffer, they can become isolated from friends and family, and they may put themselves and others in danger. They may run away from home (such as the school girls who travelled to Syria and Iraq) and refuse contact and support from their friends, family and other people who can help.

In extreme cases, young people may become so radicalised that they deliberately hurt others to draw attention to their cause. Some have even run away and gone abroad.

Although this can seem like a problem that is happening far away, it may be closer than we think.


If you are worried about yourself or a friend, you should talk to an adult you trust right away. If it is an emergency (for example, if someone has run away) you should call the police on 999 without delay.

You can also report concerns to 101 (the police non-emergency number).

Take action: Have you seen terrorist content online? You should report it at www.gov.uk/report-terrorism

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