If you don't feel safe, find someone you trust to talk to about how you are feeling, or use one of the contact numbers below.

You may be unsure about whether what is happening to you counts as abuse or neglect.

However, if you do have a feeling that things aren't right, or you feel uncomfortable with what's happening, or you are frightened of someone don't keep it to yourself.

It might be something happening in your own home or in a care home or hospital. There might be a particular person making you feel afraid or uncomfortable. This could be a relative, friend, paid carer, neighbour etc.

What is abuse and neglect?

Abuse and neglect comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some examples are given below:

  • When someone physically hurts you or treats you badly
  • When someone does things, or says things that upset you or makes you feel frightened
  • When someone makes you do things that you do not want to do
  • When someone fails to provide adequate care in order for you to live safely and without fear
  • When you do things that other people feel put your safety at riskney

Remember, abuse is always wrong and it is never your fault!

 What do I do if I don't feel safe?

1. Talk to someone you trust - a friend, a relative, a carer, or the person in charge of your care (whether the care is being provided to you at home or in a hospital or a residential care home).

In Wolverhampton

2. Phone 551199 -  and tell the operator you don't feel safe. this is the Council's  safeguarding helpline.

3. Police - phone 999 in an emergency or phone 101 if you don't feel safe but are not in immediate danger

National Helplines

If you are an older person

4. Phone Action on Elder Abuse national helpline 0800 0699 784

5. Phone Age UK helpline

If you are an adult with Learning Difficulties

6. Phone the Ann Craft Trust 0115 951 5400 if you are worried or need advice

7. Phone Stop Hate UK on 0800 138 1625 if you have been a victim of hate crime - when someone has done something to harm, scare or upset you because of your learning or physical disability / difficulty

8. Contact Healthwatch Wolverhampton on 0800 470 1944. They can help you if you are having, or have had, any concerns about health or social care services that you (or someone you know) are receiving or have received. They can also help signpost you to other relevant services if you are unsure of where to turn.

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