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Trauma Informed Training

 Trauma Informed Training

The West Midlands Violence Reduction Unit has launched the new Trauma Informed section of the website which includes access to FREE ONLINE WEBINARS. These webinars offer training in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Trauma-Informed Practice.

The training is designed to help professionals instil a more human centric approach into their daily practice. It aims to raise awareness of relevant psychological theory behind mental health and the benefits of relationship-based practice. It explores the potential impacts of trauma and adversity across a person's entire life and promotes professional practices, activities, attitudes and behaviours that take on a trauma informed approach.

FREE follow up support and consultation is also available to organisations in the West Midlands to help you embed learning into your organisation.

You can access the training here: https://westmidlands-vru.org/about/trauma-informed/

Please scroll down and click on 'Free Online Webinars' which should direct you to a registration form. Once completed, you can access the webinars and other resources. 

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