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Revised Thresholds of Need and Support and online MARF now live

​Thresholds of Need and Support in Wolverhampton

The revised document is now live.and available to download by clicking on this link. The thresholds themselves haven't changed but the document has been updated to take account of:

  • the introduction of the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) in January 2016.
  • the creation of a triage system at the front door which determines whether a referral requires Early Intervention Services in the first instance.
  • the introduction of Local Authority Strengthening Families Hubs within the City
  • improvements in Early Help Assessments and the use of Eclipse

 A large pdf of the Supporting Families Pathway (from page 25 of the revised Thresholds document) can be downloaded from this link https://www.wolverhamptonsafeguarding.org.uk/images/safeguarding-children/Wolverhampton-Supporting-Families-Pathway.pdf

And a large version of the revised Thresholds Windscreen (from page 7 of the revised Threshold document) can be found at https://www.wolverhamptonsafeguarding.org.uk/images/safeguarding-children/Thresholds-Windscreen-Dec-2017.pdf

Online Multi-Agency Referral Form

The new online Multi-Agency Referral Form (MARF) is now live. You can access it by clicking on the button below.

As there have been one or two teething problems with the form, if you have previously accessed the online MARF, please press CTRL and F5 together before starting to complete the form (this will clear any previously 'cached' version of the form i.e. versions saved in the computer's memory) so that you can access the latest version of the MARF in which all known glitches have been corrected..

If you have any technical issues using the online MARF: 

(a) where there is an immediate safeguarding risk phone the MASH on 01902 555392 to report your safeguarding concerns and let the MASH know the details of your technical issues

(b) where there isn't an immediate safeguarding risk phone the MASH on 01902 555392 to inform them of your technical issues and get advice on how to submit your concerns.

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