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NEW - CSE Partner Guidance and CSE Pathway

New Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Pathway and Guidance have been developed to support frontline staff and managers in WSCB partner organisations.Read more...

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) continues to be a priority for the Safeguarding Children Board and as such, everyone who works with Children and Young People have a duty to know what CSE is and what to do if they suspect a child or young person is at risk or is subject to CSE.

In recent months the WSCB has promoted the regional CSE guidance and utilised training to raise awareness of CSE. To support this work, a CSE pathway has been developed which provides operational staff with a more detailed knowledge of how CSE is dealt with in Wolverhampton. The pathway ensures that all children at risk of CSE are subject of risk assessment and provided with the appropriate service.

The attached CSE Pathway, with supporting guidance and tools, outlines what to do if there is a concern, who to contact and what action will be taken.

Please circulate throughout your agency and include in your single agency training.

Click here for latest WSCB CSE Letter

Click here for Partner Guidance for CSE Pathway

Click here for Wovlerhampton's CSE Pathway

Click here for Wolverhampton's CSE Screening Tool


For more information on Child Sexual Exploitation go to our CSE page

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