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Life Or Knife Prevention and Advice West Midlands Police

Life Or Knife

Prevention and Advice;

Young men aged 15-19 are the most likely group to be in possession of knifes.

Knives and weapons have been used in a variety of crimes to threaten and injure victims. The most likely weapons to be used are kitchen knifes.

Mothers of teenage boys are being encouraged to look out for the signs that their son may be carrying a knife and talk to them about the very real danger, that by carrying a knife, they are more likely to be stabbed themselves. Many victims in the West Midlands have often found their own knife has been grabbed and used against them in an attack.

Visit our website (online) www.west-midlands.police.uk/your-options/knife-crime to see a list of some of the warning signs that your child may be carrying a knife.

For those mothers who do find their sons are carrying knives, the police are asking these mothers to encourage their sons to surrender their knife at one of the many knife surrender bins across the region.

Our **campaign**, find out more (online) www.west-midlands.police.uk/campaigns/life-or-knife

If you want to report this crime anonymously, you can do so using Fearless (online) www.fearless.org/en/give-info, a service which allows you to pass on information without giving your personal details.

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