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I'm worried about the care my relative is receiving

There can sometimes be a thin line between 'poor care', and abuse and neglect.

The bottom line is this: is the person getting the support they need which has been identified in their care plan as important for their health and wellbeing?

Poor care includes things like:

  • not being able to access fresh air
  • take part in meaningful activities
  • have nutritious food.


In some cases the use of restraint or other forms of restrictive practice may be necessary and appropriate to keep your family member or others safe.  Where restraint is used, it must be done in the least restrictive way.  Any inappropriate use of 'restraint' and any other restrictive practices could be regarded as either abuse or 'poor care'.

 What  can I do?

You can contact Adult Social Care Services on 01902 551199 and tell them your concerns.  If you don't want to do this, you could talk to someone you trust; this might be a doctor, a care worker, a nurse, a social worker or a Police officer, but could be anyone.

If you decide to ring the Police, the number you should use is 101 or in an emergency ring 999.

You can also contact Healthwatch Wolverhampton on 0800 470 1944 if you have had issues with health or social care services that you want support to raise with those concerned. They can also help signpost you to other relevant services if you are unsure of where to turn.

Who should I talk to if i have concerns?
What will happen if I report something?

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