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Escalation Policy for the resolution of professional disputes

Occasionally situations arise when workers within one agency feel that the actions, inaction or decisions of another agency do not adequately safeguard a child or an adult with care and support needs. The purpose of this protocol is to ensure that in such situations issues between agencies are resolved in a timely manner. 

Click here for the WSB Escalation Policy.

 Examples of some of these situations are as follows (please remember this list is not exhaustive)

 • Where one professional disagrees with the action of another in relation to a particular course of action, such as closing involvement with a child, or adult with care and support needs or family. 
• Where one worker or agency considers that another worker or agency has not completed an agreed action for no understandable or acceptable reason. 
• Where one agency considers that the threshold for action is inappropriate to support the needs of a child or adult with care and support needs and /or places an individual at further risk.  
• A disagreement as to whether a particular agency needs to be involved in the safeguarding process. 
• Where a member of staff or an agency considers that the safeguarding needs of the child or adult with care and support needs are better met by a Child Protection Plan/adult safeguarding plan and have requested that a Child Protection Conference/safeguarding meeting be called and feel that this has been refused. 
• Where a range of professionals have concerns about an agency’s response to safeguarding concerns relating to a specific child or adult with care and support needs.
• There is disagreement over the sharing of information and/or provision of services.

The WSB Escalation Policy aims to assist workers and organisations to resolve disputes as close to the individuals involved in the dispute as possible without causing any unnecessary delay, or in anyway compromising the safety and wellbeing of the child(ren) or adult with care and support needs concerned


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