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'Orange' Wolverhampton resources

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Orange Wolverhampton is our local awareness-raising campaign that is part of the United Nations' international 16 Days of Action to End Violence Against Women and Girls campaign.

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The term Violence Against Women and Girls covers 5 specific violent crimes for which the vast majority of victims are female. These 5 crimes are:

However, it cannot be over-emphasised that both locally and nationally all organisations and services recognise that there are female and male victims and perpetrators, and that support is available for women, men, girls and boys.

Key campaign messages are:

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Child Protection Case Conferences

The Safeguarding Service is changing the way Initial and Review Child Protection Conferences are conducted. Read More ...

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Pathway for Raising Concerns about radicalisation

Safeguarding Children - Prevent Concerns Read More ...

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Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)

What is the MASH?

Launched in January 2016 and initially focused on safeguarding issues involving children and young people, the MASH (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub) acts as a central, single point for early help and safeguarding referrals, enabling agencies to carry out timely, joint assessments and agree the most appropriate course of action for the individuals and families concerned.

The contact details for the MASH are as follows:

Adult MASH: 01902 551199.

In an emergency, always dial 999.

All referrals to the MASH are processed and added to the secure Guardian system within an hour of receipt. These are then triaged by MASH managers who will RAG rate them for action.

Click here for the Safeguarding Adult Concern and Notification form.

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Adult Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub goes live

Wolverhampton Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub will be responding to adult safeguarding referrals from Tuesday 30 August 2016. Read more ....

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Child Protection Case Conferences

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The Safeguarding Service has changed the way Initial and Review Child Protection Conferences are conducted. 

The revised approach aims to make sure conferences are more focussed on establishing effective plans and increase participation of parents and children.

The main difference for partner agencies is that the Conference Chair requires all information ahead of the meeting and that reports should be shared with parents in advance. Reports should be provided to the chair 24 working hours before an Initial Conference and 3 working days before a Review Conference.

There is a new Child Protection Form Report which asks professionals to identify what they are worried about and what is going well.

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NEW - CSE Partner Guidance and CSE Pathway

New Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Pathway and Guidance have been developed to support frontline staff and managers in WSCB partner organisations.Read more...

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Serious Cases (DHRs & SARs)

Safeguarding Adult Reviews

When an adult with care and support needs dies or is seriously injured, and abuse or neglect is known or suspected to be a factor in the death, local organisations will consider immediately whether there are other adults in the same situation who are at risk of harm and need to be kept safe.

Once this has been done, Wolverhampton Safeguarding Adults Board Board will gather initial evidence to see if it is likely that lessons could be learned from the ways that organisations,services and professionals supported the adult who has died.

If there is sufficient evidence, a Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) will be commissioned by Wolverhampton Safeguarding Adults Board to:

  • Establish whether there are lessons to be learned from the case about the way professionals and agencies work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of adults with care and support needs 
  • Identify clearly what those lessons are, how they will be acted upon, and what is expected to change as a result
  • Improve inter-agency working to better safeguard and promote the welfare of adults with care and support needs in the future

Click here to download the West Midlands Regional Guidance on Safeguarding Adult Reviews

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National Hate Crime Awareness Week

Don’t suffer in silence plea: Report incidents of hate crime

People in Wolverhampton are being reminded how to report incidents of hate crime as this year’s National Hate Crime Awareness Week continues. Read more...

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Wolverhampton Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Report 2015 – 2016

 Welcome to the Annual Report of Wolverhampton Safeguarding Adults Board (WSAB) for 2015/16. Read More ..

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Join the campaign to 'Orange' Wolverhampton!

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Residents, businesses and other organisations across Wolverhampton are being encouraged to "Go Orange" and support an international campaign to end violence against women and girls. Read more ....

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WM Police 'Child abuse: if you suspect it, report it' summer campaign

[pb_row][pb_column span="span12"][pb_text]Launched at the beginning of the school holidays, this campaign aims to speak to people who may have worries about a child but may not want to report them for fear of interfering or becoming involved in someone else’s business. Read more ...

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Summary of Safeguarding Children Board meeting - June 2016

A summary of the June 2016 meeting of the Safeguarding Children Board is given below, but I would like to start with a few observations. Read more ...

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Multi-agency safeguarding training courses Sept - Dec 2016

The latest Safeguarding Children training calendar is now available. Click here to see and book all training courses. Read more .....

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Adult Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub goes live

Wolverhampton Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub will be responding to adult safeguarding referrals from 30th August 2016. Read more..

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Domestic Abuse Safety Planning Leaflet

A new safety planning leaflet is now available for anyone who is thinking of leaving an abusive relationship. Read more ...

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Terms and conditions - WSCB/WSAB

Terms and Conditions of booking training

Attending training is an essential part of continuing development in your role in safeguarding children and young people and adults. The safeguarding boards value the participation of everyone in a range of training opportunities and the contribution this makes to multi-agency working. In order to get the most out of a training event we ask that you consider your responsibility with regard to attending and assisting in evaluating the training. Our training events are and opportunity to learn,develop and share good practice, it is not the place to raise professional frustrations. Please refer to the WSCB Escalation Policy (Resolution of Professional Disagreements in Safeguarding Work) if you have concerns you need to raise

Your role/responsibilities must fit the description given in the target audience for you to be approved for a place on this course. We may ask for evidence of attendance on other levels of training.

In placing a booking for this course, you are confirming that your attendance on the course at the date and time that you have selected has been authorised by your line manager and they are aware of the cancellation policy.

You are required to complete any pre-course work, this will be confirmed by email when you place on the course is confirmed. Failure to complete pre-course work may mean you are not able to attend and complete the course.

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Escalation Policy for the resolution of professional disputes

Occasionally situations arise when workers within one agency feel that the actions, inaction or decisions of another agency do not adequately safeguard a child or an adult with care and support needs. The purpose of this protocol is to ensure that in such situations issues between agencies are resolved in a timely manner. 

Click here for the WSB Escalation Policy.

 Examples of some of these situations are as follows (please remember this list is not exhaustive)

 • Where one professional disagrees with the action of another in relation to a particular course of action, such as closing involvement with a child, or adult with care and support needs or family. 
• Where one worker or agency considers that another worker or agency has not completed an agreed action for no understandable or acceptable reason. 
• Where one agency considers that the threshold for action is inappropriate to support the needs of a child or adult with care and support needs and /or places an individual at further risk.  
• A disagreement as to whether a particular agency needs to be involved in the safeguarding process. 
• Where a member of staff or an agency considers that the safeguarding needs of the child or adult with care and support needs are better met by a Child Protection Plan/adult safeguarding plan and have requested that a Child Protection Conference/safeguarding meeting be called and feel that this has been refused. 
• Where a range of professionals have concerns about an agency’s response to safeguarding concerns relating to a specific child or adult with care and support needs.
• There is disagreement over the sharing of information and/or provision of services.

The WSB Escalation Policy aims to assist workers and organisations to resolve disputes as close to the individuals involved in the dispute as possible without causing any unnecessary delay, or in anyway compromising the safety and wellbeing of the child(ren) or adult with care and support needs concerned

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Summary of Safeguarding Adults Board meeting – June 2016

Last week Wolverhampton Safeguarding Adults Board held one of its quarterly meetings. Each time we meet I have pledged to comment on what we discussed and how it improves our combined efforts to better safeguard adults who may be at risk of, or actually experiencing, abuse. Read more....

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Forced Marriage

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West Midlands Forced Marriage & Honour Based Abuse 24hr Multi Lingual Helpline 0800 953 9777       

Click to download -   HBV Leaflet 1   HBV Leaflet 2

A 'forced' marriage (as distinct from a consensual "arranged" one) is defined as one, which is conducted without the valid consent of at least one of the parties and where duress is a factor. Duress cannot be justified on religious or cultural grounds.

Forced marriage is primarily, but not exclusively, an offence of violence against women. Most cases involve young women between 13 and 30, although evidence suggests as many as 15% of victims are male.

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