In August 2017, the B-Safe Team, the Youth Council and the Children in Care Council, went on a three-day residential to Woodlands Residential Outdoor Educational Activity Centre. The residential aimed to build relationships between the three strategic groups through several outdoor activities, as well as unstructured social time. The relationship between the groups is key, as they will be working closely together to work on key priorities in the future. The Residential was to also encourage the young people to gain new skills, confidence and testing their resilience as many of the activities was pushing them out their comfort zone.

Before the residential, the strategic groups had numerous icebreaking sessions, to gain more understanding of what each group does, to understand how they would be able to use each of their strengths to benefit the whole team. The group also took part in activities to understand what to pack, what they would hope to get out of the residential personally, as well as putting together, and signing a list of rules they would all follow.

'Meeting the other teams has really opened my eyes'

'This is the best thing, let's do more!