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The Safeguarding Adults Board has seven Committees which meet on a regular basis:

Executive Committee is responsible for helping fulfill the statutory functions on behalf of the Board as outlined in the Care Act 2014 and Statutory Guidance. The Executive Committee will be responsible for leading the implementation of the Board’s themed priorities, and will be accountable to the Board. The Executive will be made up of the Priority Leads and the Board members representing the three statutory agencies, namely the Local Authority, Police and Clinical Commissioning Group.

Effective Governance Committee will develop the capacity of WSAB and its infrastructure to effectively deliver the core functions of the Board to help keep adults with care and support needs in Wolverhampton

Performance & Quality Committee will ensure that there are effective multi-agency quality assurance and performance management processes in place which will promote the welfare of adults with care and support need and will hold partners to account.

Prevention Committee will ensure there is a coherent, inclusive approach by both Safeguarding Boards to reduce risk of harm to children, young people and adults.

Communication & Engagement Committee will ensure there is a consistent and co-ordinated approach to how the safeguarding message for adults, young people and children is disseminated to all groups and communities in Wolverhampton, and we will ensure that we engage children, young people, families, adults and communities of all backgrounds and make up in the work of the Safeguarding Adults Board.

Workforce Development Committee will ensure the workforce of all partner agencies have access to and have undergone robust training relevant to their role and understand how to apply it to their role.

Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) Committee receives and reviews requests to undertake Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SAR). If the information provided meets the criteria of a SAR, arrangements are made to carry out the case review, report findings, and make recommendations to the Wolverhampton Safeguarding Adult Board.

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