More safeguarding children referrals from GPs

Wolverhampton GPs are making more safeguarding children referrals. It may sound strange, but this is good news.
18 January 2017

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Allegations of abuse in fooball

Recent media coverage has highlighted abuse that has taken place, and that is alleged to have taken place, in football clubs across the country.
07 December 2016

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Tragic death of two year old in Wolverhampton

WSCB outlines its role to learn lessons from the recent tragic death of a 2 year old from Wednesfield.
05 December 2016

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November update

Feedback on a recent event for schools and a forum for listening to the views and experiences of front-line staff from WSCB's partner agencies. Read more ....
05 December 2016

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Summary of Safeguarding Children Board meeting - June 2016

A summary of the June 2016 meeting of the Safeguarding Children Board is given below, but I would like to start with a few observations. Read more ...
29 July 2016

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Summary of Safeguarding Adults Board meeting – June 2016

Last week Wolverhampton Safeguarding Adults Board held one of its quarterly meetings. Each time we meet I have pledged to comment on what we discussed and how it improves our combined efforts to better safeguard adults who may be at risk of, or actually experiencing, abuse. Read more....
13 July 2016

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What is Safeguarding and what does a Safeguarding Adults Board do?

This is the first blog I have done as Chair of Wolverhampton Safeguarding Adults Board. However, our research tells us that most people don't know what the word 'safeguarding' means or what safeguarding is, so let me start by saying something about why we meet, what we do and most importantly why it matters.
01 April 2016

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Summary of Safeguarding Children Board mtg on 08-03-16

How does a group of people from a range of agencies sitting round a table and called the Safeguarding Children Board actually make children safer? Here's my report on what we discussed when we met last week.
16 March 2016

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Welcome to our new website

Our new website brings together information, support and guidance for members of the public as well as professionals.
29 February 2016

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